Re: Preventing a window going to front - moving a window

On Tue, 6 Sep 2011 22:48:33 +0100
lecas malecas <darkiiiiii gmail com> wrote:
> You're right, its because the window is hidden.
> I tried with a timeout() and it does work.
> It would be better with an event though, there's probably no way to
> get something to run before hiding a window, so I'm trying to update
> the variables when dragging occurs, I tried signal_drag_begin() and
> signal_drag_end() from Gtk::Widget but the event function isn't
> called.

Since hiding a window is done programatically, there is obviously a way
to take the window's position before hiding it.  It you are using the
default delete event handler, which hides the window, override it so
that it does what you want.


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