Preventing a window going to front - moving a window

Hey, its me again :)

Here's some problems I'm having.


I would like to bring a particular window to the front, on the
start-up of the program.
I'm calling the raise() function from Gtk::Window but the problem is
that I'm calling it in the main window's constructor, so after the
constructor is over the main window is the one that gets to the front.

I tried setting up a timeout, so that the raise() function is called
after the main window is done, and this works, but it seems like a bad
Is there any way that I can tell the main window to not get to the front?


I would like to get the window's position on the screen, so that when
re-opening the windows, they go to the previous position.

I have two variables in a class (x_position and y_position) and I'm
calling the Gtk::Window function, get_position (x_position,
I then call the move (x_position, y_position) to move to the right position.

The problem is, I'm always getting the value 0 from the
get_position(), so the window always goes to the top left position.

Am I missing something?

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