Re: gtkmm3 availability for win32?

There are mingw binaries provided by both openSUSE [1] and Fedora mingw
team [2]. You can use Maarten's script to pull stuff out [3] .

Yes, it is unstable. There are lots of visual glitches.

If you are using MSVC++, you can give a try to my custom build [4]. It
is a debug version of gtkmm 3.1.8 built using MS VC++ 2008 Express. It
is far from being perfect. I'm waiting for Fedora mingw binaries for
underlying dependencies to be able to build newer gtk+ etc.



On 09/05/2011 01:34 AM, Igor Gorbounov wrote:
> Why there is no official builds of gtk3 and gtkmm3 for win32?
> Are they considered to be unstable yet?
> Igor Gorbounov
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