keyboard events?

What documentation do I need to read in order to understand to detect
keyboard events (in particular, detecting and timing shift keys
depressions)? I don't see anything in the basic documentation, so I imagine
that keyboard handling must be the responsibility of one of the several
other packages that got installed at the same time.

(I guess that that means keyboard handling isn't really part of gtkmm and
is therefore a bit off-topic here. Sorry. In my experience keyboard
handling is part of the same system as the graphical interface, but that
doesn't seem to be true in the case of gtkmm.)

I've been flailing around in the documentation for some time trying to make
progress on this, and have got nowhere.


PS To make it even more puzzling to the newcomer, I see that the Widget
class has member functions such as on_key_press_event() that take something
called a GdkEventKey*, but the GdkEventKey class isn't mentioned in the
gtkmm documented list of classes at
/usr/share/doc/gtkmm-3.0/reference/html/annotated.htmŀ, and the reference
to the class in the description of Widget isn't clickable, so it's
basically a dead-end :-(


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