Re: Z-ordering

Gavin Lambert said the following at 11/02/2011 03:40 PM :

> It sounds like widget A should actually be another window.

Sorry, but I can't see how to make that work. Assuming that by "window" you
mean "[Gtk::]Window":

1. How does one attach a Window to a particular set of cells in the Grid?
The attach() function seems to take a Widget, and a Widget isn't a Window.

2. (This may be the same question) How does one stop the Window that
represents A from behaving independently of the Window that holds the Grid?
For example, if the user grabs the main Window (i.e., the one that contains
the Grid) and moves it, one obviously wants the cells represented by A to
move along with the rest of the Grid. How does one ensure that that happens?



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