Re: Z-ordering

Robert Pearce said the following at 11/03/2011 06:16 AM :
> Hi Ian,
> On Thu, 03 Nov 2011 22:14:35 +1300 you wrote:
>> You're talking about effectively replacing widgets, though, so a second 
>> window won't achieve the effect you want.
> Actually I don't think the OP was. I think, given his references to how
> nCurses works, that he wants either a series of modal dialogues, or an
> MDI interface. Since Gtk does not support the latter, he should
> consider designing his application for multiple windows and let the WM
> deal with Z-order.

I think you're suggesting that in the picture:

| 00011112223333333333|
| 00011112223333333333|
| 00011112224444444444|
| 55511112226667888888|
| 55511112226667888888|
| 55511112226667888888|
| 55511112226667888888|
| 99999999999999999999|

each of the numerical areas is no longer a Widget but a Window (with no
decoration) which contains a Container which contains a single Widget. Is
that right?

The documentation is sparse on the issue of focus. Suppose that we have all
these Windows that contain Widgets, is it then possible programmatically to
switch the input focus amongst them without the user having to touch a mouse?



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