Re: focus chain of children in a Gtk::Layout

Darn ! I searched for half an hour and totaly missed that one !

Thanks a lot !

On 07/07/11 17:00, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:
Have you tried Gtk::Container::set_focus_chain()?


tor 2011-07-07 klockan 16:36 +0200 skrev Yann Leydier:

I'm placing Entries in a Layout in order to mimic the paging a of
scanned document that is displayed next to it.

I want the user to fill the entries in the read order (eg: left-right
then top-bottom for english, or top-bottom then right-left for chinese),
so I add the entries in the read order.

Unluckily, it seems that the focus chain is not the in order of addition
of the widgets but in the order of their top-left corner!

Is there a (simple) way to define my own focus chain ?

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