Re: focus chain of children in a Gtk::Layout

Have you tried Gtk::Container::set_focus_chain()?


tor 2011-07-07 klockan 16:36 +0200 skrev Yann Leydier:
> Hi,
> I'm placing Entries in a Layout in order to mimic the paging a of 
> scanned document that is displayed next to it.
> I want the user to fill the entries in the read order (eg: left-right 
> then top-bottom for english, or top-bottom then right-left for chinese), 
> so I add the entries in the read order.
> Unluckily, it seems that the focus chain is not the in order of addition 
> of the widgets but in the order of their top-left corner!
> Is there a (simple) way to define my own focus chain ?
> Thanks
> yann
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