Re: use of drawing area

You need to add a container first to the window (like a Gtk::Box or
Gtk::Grid), then add the DrawingArea and other stuff to that

The Window can only have one child (single-item container).

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 2:02 PM, Andy Gilman <amgilman myfairpoint net> wrote:
> I am (still) a newbie at gtkmm and have been experimenting with cairomm.  In
> the tutorial the graphics are added to the window through a drawing area.
>  When I do this, I cannot add other widgets to the window (labels/buttons).
>  However, if I add the graphics directly to the window (that is the
> "on_draw" function applies to the window itself), it is possible to add
> other widgets (in an eventbox).
> So:  my questions are these:  What is the advantage of using a drawing area
> for adding graphics (in this case custom decoration)?  and Is there some way
> to add widgets to a window that contains a drawingarea that I have missed.
> Thanks.
> Andy Gilman
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