Re: gstreamermm on windows

On 08/20/2011 11:38 PM, José Alburquerque wrote:
> Hi Mikhail, thanks for trying:
> On Sat, 2011-08-20 at 17:49 -0500, Mikhail Titov wrote:
>> Isn't it a generally bad idea to have variables in header file even
>> declared as static? And what was the purpose of GLIBMM_API anyway? It
>> compiled fine after I removed GLIBMM_API from those lines.
> These declarations occurred early on when I began developing.  I must
> have overlooked this part of the code which might be better written.
> As far as the GLIBMM_API, that's a macro that comes from glibmm's
> glibmmconfig.h file.  I can't remember why I put it there to begin with,
> but I think I was considering a possible future build on Windows.
I've built glibmm just fine, and I had something defined under this
macro. It was possible to compile either by removing this or by
undeffing and defining empty GLIBMM_API . I just can't imagine what
could be there from VC++ point of view. If it is declared as static it
resides in compiled unit and is of single copy when linked. AFAIK
another alternative is to declare it extern and then export symbol from
shared library.
> I would suggest you use instead.  It has a few bug fixes
> necessary to ensure functionality of the examples and the library in
> general.
I think I used second to the latest.
> There are the directdrawsink (in gst-plugins-bad) and the
> directsoundsink (in gst-plugins-good) plugins for rendering video and
> audio in Windows.  I'm not sure that there are others.
Ah! I didn't even look into 'bad' plugins :-)
> I think Fedora has some also:
Thanks! Kalev Lember helped me on IRC to get started with Fedora repo.
> Keep in mind that I'll be trying to make an installer much like gtkmm's
> Windows installer and using the version of the libraries that that
> installer provides so that the Windows version of gstreamermm is
> compatible with the existing version of gtkmm available for Windows.
Do you plan to make installer for MS VC++ as well? or mingw only?


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