Re: Gtk::Style usage help needed

Hi Paul, the on-expose approach seems more natural, but one of the thing I
would like to change, for example is the appearance of the scrollbars. Ok, I
can inherit from the scrollbar class and use my expose event, but some
widgets, like the scrolled window do not allow changing the scrollbar
widgets they use, so I should write my own implementation of scrolled window
based in a 2x2 table, and I'm sure that if I follow that approach I will
find more examples like this one, and the more I would like to change my
application look the more widgets I will need to implement. 

I don't know if  I'm using the styles in the proper way, but the decision of
using styles for defining the widget appearance is meditated.  

Anyway I've tested the style overload approach with some other widgets and
the label is the only one thats failing. I haven't debugged it yet, but I
believe the layout instance given as a parameter to the draw_layout vfunc is
being lost at some point. Anyway it worked under valgrind and that's quite

Next point is debugging the error  as José suggested. Meanwhile any help,
tests I can perform or other ways of using Gtk::Style are welcome. 


Paul Davis wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 2:08 PM, siagogam <siagogam terra es> wrote:
>> Ok, I'll try to explain what I want to do, so you can tell me if I'm
>> doing it
>> the way is supposed to be done.
>> As you said, I want to modify how widgets are drawn (by using cairo
>> inside
>> the style virtual functions), and I have no intention of creating a new
>> complete theme engine. If all applications should share the same look is
>> a
>> point of view quite extended , but what I want to do is just the opposite
>> (define my own look and feel in my application)
> then use the expose event for each widget and define your own drawing
> routines in a handler for it. that is where drawing occurs, and you
> can have *complete* control over how your widgets look.
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