glibmm ABI name for gtkmm 3

I can't think of the best ABI name for the ABI-breaking glibmm:

1. glib will not break ABI, but we would like to do that to fix a few
things as we are doing it for gtkmm anyway.
2. There will be a glib 2.26 with new API, such as GSettings, that I
would like to put in a non-ABI-breaking glibmm 2.26 for use with gtkmm
3. I'd also like to do an ABI-breaking glibmm version that wraps the
same stuff, for use with gtkmm 3.0

Maybe 2 and 3 are just impossible to do together. Maybe the current
glibmm 2.24 must be the last glibmm-2.24 release. Well, we could add API
to glibmm 2.24.x releases, as a special case, though we'd actually
depend on glib 2.26.

Then we could use glibmm-2.26 for the new ABI name. That's not an easy
number to remember, of course, but I can't think of a better

If we choose glibmm-3.0, with glibmm 3.x.y tarballs, then:
a) it will be confusing because it wraps glib 2.x.
b) we'll have more confusion when glib one day does an (ABI-breaking?)
glib 3.0.

murrayc murrayc com

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