Re: Multiple Monitors

On 06/11/2010 06:12 PM, Talguy wrote:

Sorry for this question still new at this windowing stuff.  When you say
you can have multiple screens for one display that translates to that
your single monitor will be partitioned into multiple sections.  Am I
getting the right idea about that?


A Gdk::Monitor is what represents a physical display.

A Gdk::Screen represents a virtual surface and that surface can span many monitors or one single monitor.

A Gdk::Display represents an instance of the X server, and that Display can manage more than one Screen.

Xinerama is a kind of setup where you have:

* one display (i.e one instance of X11 running)
* which manages one big "virtual" screen
* which overlaps the surface of your two (or more than two) monitors.

So if you have two 1920x1200 monitors, you will have a Screen with resolution 3840x1200.

In this setup, for example, you can drag a window across your monitors, because it will always be on the same Screen.

A "multi screen" setup, consists of

* one display (i.e one instance of X11 running)
* wich manages two distinct screens
* and each screen covers exactly one monitor

In this setup you will have two totally independent logical Screens, each with resolution 1920x1200 (and you cannot drag a window across monitors).

Hope that clarifies a bit.


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