How to check the real minimum required version of gtkmm/glibmm?


After development for a while, the source code maybe already not match the version of dependencies set in ''. For example, we may initially thought our application is required gtkmm 2.4, but during the development, some developers maybe not alway keep that in mind and used functions not available in gtkmm 2.4, since most developers works on latest distribution, they may not noticed the break of the requirement.

Is there any way to check the real minimum required version of gtkmm/glibmm?

What I currently do is to find an old distribution which has gtkmm 2.4, and create a VM for it, and compile the code inside, if I got error say not such function,that means the minimum version is not 2.4. Then I try to find a distribution with higher version, say gtkmm 2.6, and install it in the VM and try to compile the code again. It is very annoy, so my way maybe is stupid.  Because I have many dependencies to check, its almost impossible to check the minimum required version for each dependent. And, of course, raise the required version to the latest version is definitely not a good idea.

I have similar situation when I migrate .Net application to Mono, there is a tool named MoMA, the Mono Migration Analyzer tools, for it, it can go through the code(or binary for .net), and check what function is missing for different target version, then I know which version of Mono is the minimum required version. It makes life much easier.

Is there any way or tools can help me on this case? Thank you.


Tao Wang

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