I want to learn to develop database applications on linux c++ platform, and I found that gtkmm+gnomedbmm would be the best for me. I am not an advanced developer neither of them, so excuse me if some question are stupid, and if it is not the right place to ask. I have Debian Squeeze, and Anjuta. I have been trying the gnomedbmm example programs. In Anjuta I added gtkmm-2.4 and libgnomedbmm-3.0 to the project packages. Compiling and linking was succesful, but at runtime I found error with the grid example ( ). When I clicked in an editable cell, I found a message in the terminal "** (Grid example:6425): WARNING **: Not yet implemented". And then, when I tried to save the changes, I got an error window, with "Invalid parameter '+0'" message. What is wrong?
Kelemen István

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