Re: Thread problem in Windows

On Mon, 21 Sep 2009 14:54:41 +0100
Filipe Apostolo <f apostolo cbr gmail com> wrote:

> Hi gtkmm developers and users..
> First of all I like to say that I'm working with gtkmm since one year
> and I'm very pleased with this great tool...
> I'm doing a software that provides an user interface to communicate
> with some hardware,
> The software is finished but I want to add a very important feature.
> Because this feature can have more solutions I will explain the
> process a little more detailed, to obtain more advises and/or more
> opinions.
> At some point in my software the user will click on a Button to write
> his configuration options (that he chooses trough the GUI)to the
> hardware, this action takes +- 1 second, but  during this waiting time
> the user does not have a feed back of what is happening.
> Actually the user sees the Button pushed down and when the write is
> done he sees a message dialog telling that the action succeeded  or
> not. If I launch a message dialog to with a simple message (after I
> would upgrade it with a progress bar) like "Configuring", the message
> must be closed/ hided before I call the routine. Right? but  then
> user dont sees the message anymore  It's not what i want.
> So I created a Thread using glib/thread
> And made some unsuccessful tests...

Threading is almost certainly the wrong solution.  You cannot have more
than one thread accessing GTK+ in windows, and even in unix-like
systems using the the GDK global lock is usually a bad idea.

If you want to provide a progress dialog, then use a timeout attached
to the main loop.


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