Re: Removing the DOS console

>This must be a problem with the IDE and not the compiler, I hope!
>What is your input on this?

Hi Jamiil,

As others have said, this is a feature of Windows. A PE binary with
subsystem "console" is different from one with subsystem "windows".

I use Code::Blocks on both Linux and Windows. I have had this problem in the
past, but happily there is a quick solution, at least in Code::Blocks
version 8.02.

1. Go to Project Management (the treeview on the left) and find the problem
project. Find the line with the Code::Blocks icon. It's probably called
"MyProject" or something. Now right click the text or the icon on that line.
2. Go to "Properties". Note: *not* "Build Options".
3. Click the second tab, "Build targets".
4. For each build target (select on the left), change the "Type" option to
"GUI application".
5. Click "ok".

Now build and run the project. You shouldn't see any console window at all.

Adam J Richardson

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