treeview Tab control

Dear all,

I am desperately trying to get the following behavior to work in a treevew.
The treeview entierly consists of rows with editable text cells.
If I am editing a cell and hit the TAB button I want the treeview to store the actual changes and move on to the next column.

I think I have to work with the cellrenderertext but let me tell you first what i tried this far.

- I connected to button_pressed with the treeview. 
  In principle this seems to work. At least I can catch the tab key and set 
  the cursor position to the next column. But the changes in the previous 
  cell are lost

- I managed to get a hold on to the active cell renderer.
  Then I tried to read the value of the active cell (which is not stored in
  the treestore jet) doing something like this:
  cellrenderertext* -> gobj() -> text.
  But here the compiler tells me something like class _GtkCellRendererText
  not completely defined. According to gtk/gtkcellrenderer.h its a struct 

- Next thing I thought I could send the cellrenderer the signal that I 
  hit return. But here I did not find a solution.

So does any of you have a solution. Writing my own cellrenderer does not seem to be the best way as I only get a hold of the has_changed signal. So I first have to hit return before my own version get's active.

Thanks a lot


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