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Thanks, I also don't want install the cygwin, and just use the the native mingw. The netbeans only support the cygwin version mingw, and I can compile
and link it with no error.

That is not true: Netbeans does support MinGW, as described in this article:
that´s not true. by default netbeans is ready for cygwin, but cygwin it´s not a native compiler in windows. In netbeans you can configure the compiler and debugger you want like code::blocks, dev-cpp, eclipse, ect. Mingw have a problem with netbeans because the default make, but if you use the make of msys you don´t have any problem.

Here explain the make problem:

Here are the first few paragraphs of the link you just provided (above):

Is it possible to use MinGW in C/C++ Development?

Yes, you can use MinGW tools with the C/C++ Development pack. Go to and follow the instructions in the Getting Started document to install the compiler suite, the gdb debugger. and the MSYS make.exe program..

Add the paths to the ..programs\msys\<version-number>\bin and ..\programs\MinGW\bin directories at the beginning of your PATH.

Configuring the NetBeans C/C++ pack to use the MinGW Tools:

Note: This is not necessary with NetBeans IDE 6.0, 6.1, and 6.5 (at least under Windows XP). After logging in again or rebooting the PC, NetBeans configures itself appropriately.

In NetBeans 5.5.1, compiling works, but the C++ editor is not aware of the include files and will mark all functions like printf() etc. as missing by a red line. To cure this, choose Tools > Options, select C/C++ in the left pane, and click Parser Settings in the Code Assistance section of the C/C++ Settings page. Choose the appropriate Tab (C or C++ Compiler), click Add, and add all the folders that contain the header files. NetBeans does not search the folders recursively, you have to add each folder.

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