Help needed with on_event_expose() function


I am trying to develop my own button in order to get the desired custom look of a button. I have derived my widget from Gtk::Button, overridden the on_expose_event() function and used Cairo to draw my button. Everything works fine (well, almost everything), my custom button looks the way I want it to look and it works nicely also.

The problem I am having is that I am unable to display the button's child widget (most of the time it is a Gtk::Label).

I realize that the problem is in the fact that I have overriden the on_expose_event() function. I am able to display the button's child if I call the Gtk::Button's on_expose_event() function inside my own on_expose_event() function. In such a case the child widget actually appears, but with it also the original look of the Gtk::Button and because of that my custom look is overridden.
The part I need help with is: I would like to preserve my button's custom look and also be able to display the button's child widget. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Thanks for all your answers,

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