ANNOUNCE: gstreamermm-0.10.3

General Information 

gstreamermm provides C++ bindings for the GStreamer streaming multimedia
library (  With gstreamermm it is possible to
develop applications that work with multimedia in C++.

gstreamermm is developed over glibmm, libsigc++ and libxml++ and the
functionalities they provide.  This means that, among other things, referencing
and unreferencing of GObjects is handled automatically via glibmm's automatic
pointer class, Glib:RefPtr<>, and libsigc++'s slots are used for callbacks and

There are several examples, including a media player, in the examples/
directory, that demonstrate how to use the API and there are API docs in the
docs/reference/html directory.  The core plug-ins, such as Gst::Identity and
Gst::FileSrc are also provided along with many of the base plug-ins.


0.10.3 (unstable):

* Added decodebin2, multifdsink, playbin, tcpserversink, theoraparse,
  uridecodebin plug-ins.
  (José Alburquerque)
* Added new typefind example showing how to extract the mime type from a
  (Murray Cumming)
* Structure: Replace use of Glib::QueryQuark with Glib::ustrig in slots.
* TagList: Added add_value(), add(), get_value() and get() Glib::ustring
  overrides for tags not in the Gst::Tag enum.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Bin: Added convenience method add_ghost_pad().
* GhostPad: Made ghost pad name in constructors optional.
* TagSetter: Add Glib::ustring tag overrides for custom tags (not in Gst::Tag
  (José Alburquerque, Murray Cumming)
* BaseAudioSrc: Wrapped {get,set}_slave_method().
* BaseSink: Wrapped do_preroll(), {get,set}_blocksize().
* BaseSrc: Wrapped {get,set}_blocksize().
* BaseTransform: Wrapped suggest(), reconfigure().
* ColorBalance: Wrapped get_balance_type().
* Element: Wrapped {get,set}_start_time(), lost_state().
* Event: Overloaded the Event classes parse() methods.
* Added MessageStepDone, MessageStepStart, MessageStructureChange,
  MessageRequestState and MessageStreamStatus message classes.
* Mixer: Wrapped get_mixer_type().
* Navigation: Wrapped send_command().
* Added TaskPool class.
* Plugin: Wrapped add_dependency() and register_static() methods.
* PropertyProbe: Wrapped methods and vfuncs.
* Segment: Wrapped to_position() and set_running_time() methods.
* Task: Wrapped {get,set}_pool(), set_priority(), set_state() and
  set_thread_slots() methods.
* Added TypeFind and TypeFindFactory classes to complement the new typefind
* example.
  (José Alburquerque)
* Removed no longer needed gst-inspect check from  Bug #587306.
  (David King)


  (It's in jhbuild)
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José Alburquerque

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