gtkmm affected by recent changes to gtk (GdkNativeWindow, gtk_toolbar_[gs]et_tooltips)

This weekend I tried to setup gtk, gtkmm etc. on a new PC using some
instructions I made for myself a few months ago when I first tried
to setup gtk, gtkmm, glade on windows with MinGW and msys.  This
time around I noticed some newer versions of a few things but that
didn't seem to be a problem.   The trouble started when I tried to
build gtkmm-2.12.7 and got a few compile errors.

The first error was with gtkmm-2.12.7\gdk\gdkmm\ and .h
With a little searching Google I found this that explained the first error
It seemed relatively simple so I replaced with the new GdkNativeWindow
just as the c versions use.  Does this seem reasonable/correct?

gtkmm-2.12.7\gdk\gdkmm\ .h

void selection_send_notify(GdkNativeWindow requestor, Glib::ustring&
selection, Glib::ustring& target, Glib::ustring& property, guint32 time_);

GdkNativeWindow get_drag_protocol(GdkNativeWindow xid, GdkDragProtocol&

gtkmm-2.12.7\gdk\gdkmm\ .h

void Display::selection_send_notify(GdkNativeWindow requestor,
Glib::ustring& selection, Glib::ustring& target, Glib::ustring&
property, guint32 time_)
  gdk_selection_send_notify_for_display(gobj(), requestor,
Gdk::AtomString::to_c_type(property), time_);

gtkmm-2.12.7\gdk\gdkmm\ .h
GdkNativeWindow Display::get_drag_protocol(GdkNativeWindow xid,
GdkDragProtocol& protocol)
  return gdk_drag_get_protocol_for_display(gobj(), xid, &(protocol));


The second problem seems to be addressed by this one.

This one isn't so obvious for me and I haven't figured out a fix for it

I have a few questions.

1.  Did I correctly fix the GdkNativeWindow problem?

2.  What is the fix for the tooltip problem?

3.  Is anyone already working on an update to gtkmm to handle the recent
    changes to gtk?

4.  If the answer to question 3 is no, should I submit a bug report?

Damon Register

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