Cedric Gustin gtkmm-win32

Has anyone downloaded and used the subject package?  I have tried it
with success so far.  In the message from this list

I would like to ask some questions about this.  Cedric stated in his
"1. for the mingw32 target, everything (latest libsigc++, libxml++, glibmm, gtkmm, libglademm) builds fine with the exception of libglademm : some missing symbols in the libglade DLL. I will submit a patch on bugzilla in the next few days."
libglademm seems to be in the package that I downloaded.  Does that
mean that this problem has been fixed in the package at
http://www.gustin.be/win32/gtkmm-win32-2.12.7.zip ?

You mentioned using cygwin to build for the mingw32 target.  Is this the
preferred method instead of using MinGW/msys?

You were planning to document your build procedure.  At the beginning of
your post in April, you said that you were extremely busy.  Since I
haven't heard any more on this, am I correct in concluding that you have
not been able to do the documenting yet?

Damon Register

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