gmmproc leaves _CONVERT macros

I am trying to wrap a library (libinfinity) using gmmproc.  I dont get
any command line errors but _CONVERT macros are left in my .cc code that
keep it from compiling.  Can anyone explain the significance of this?

Heres is some sample code:
_WRAP_METHOD(void watch(NativeSocket *, Event, IoFunction, void *, Glib::Object::DestroyNotify), inf_io_watch)

void Io::watch(int* p1, Event p2, IoFunction p3, void * p4, Glib::Object::DestroyNotify p5)
 inf_io_watch(gobj(), _CONVERT(int*,InfNativeSocket*,p1,0), _CONVERT(Event,InfIoEvent,p2,0), _CONVERT(IoFunction,InfIoFunc,p3,0), _CONVERT(void*,gpointer,p4,0), _CONVERT(Glib::Object::DestroyNotify,GDestro    yNotify,p5,0));

Gregory Haynes

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