Re: Building Glibmm 2.14.2 against Glib 2.16.1

On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 8:35 PM, Paul Goins <general vultaire net> wrote:
> I acknowledge the differences between versions may be a flag that I'm asking for trouble, but I wanted to try building the latest stable Glibmm against the latest stable Glib, especially since Glibmm-2.15.8 has the problems linking to GIO-related objects on Win32.
>  (Target platform is Win32, building with MSys/MinGW using gcc 4.2.1-dw2.)
>  Building Glibmm 2.14.2 fails when building,,, and  The error is of the form:
> error: 'g_assert' was not declared in this scope
>  and can be resolved by adding "#include <glib/gtestutils.h>" to each of the affected source files.
>  I don't know whether this information is useful or redundant to you guys, but I figured I would at least make note of it.  Since the versions are so different I'm not filing a bug unless you guys suggest that doing so would be appropriate.
>  - Paul Goins

Yes, this is unfortunate and was caused by glib maintainers moving
some functions to a different header.  We complained that this was a
form of API breakage, but they said that the only API that they
guarantee is that you should always just include <glib.h>.  So we
fixed it in newer versions of glibmm, but as you found out, older
versions are broken by this.
Is the giomm stuff the only reason you're holding off on glibmm 2.16?
Because I can try to get that sorted out soon if you'll help with

btw, murray, it looks like you updated the website for glibmm 2.16 in
svn but never pushed it to the server.  Could you do that?


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