Building Glibmm 2.14.2 against Glib 2.16.1

I acknowledge the differences between versions may be a flag that I'm asking for trouble, but I wanted to try building the latest stable Glibmm against the latest stable Glib, especially since Glibmm-2.15.8 has the problems linking to GIO-related objects on Win32.

(Target platform is Win32, building with MSys/MinGW using gcc 4.2.1-dw2.)

Building Glibmm 2.14.2 fails when building,,, and  The error is of the form: error: 'g_assert' was not declared in this scope
and can be resolved by adding "#include <glib/gtestutils.h>" to each of the affected source files.

I don't know whether this information is useful or redundant to you guys, but I figured I would at least make note of it.  Since the versions are so different I'm not filing a bug unless you guys suggest that doing so would be appropriate.

- Paul Goins

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