glibmm I/O example


I was trying to look for glibmm mailing list but all roads seem to be
to gtkmm list. 
I am creating a socket connection in IO_IN | IO_OUT in non blocking mode.
  ioSource_ = Glib::IOSource::create (fd_, Glib::IO_IN | Glib::IO_OUT);
  ioSource_->connect(sigc::mem_fun(this, &Conn::iocCallBack));
callback checks for read/write 
  if (_cond & Glib::IO_IN != 0)
  if (_cond & Glib::IO_OUT != 0)
The IN condition is never met. The OUT is called repeatedly, due to non
I have a 1 micro sec sleep at the end of IO_OUT to keep cpu in check.
What am I doing wrong ? (besides possibly posting to wrong mailing list)

I'm using fedora 7 and update all patches regularly.
Any help,online pointers will be highly appreciated.

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