Dnd multiple items from Treeviews not possible?

Hello, I'm having an issue with TreeView drag & drop and multiple selection.
Each time I click on the "source" treeview to drag multiple items onto
another widget the selection is changed and only the item I've just
clicked is dragged. Holding SHIFT while dragging solves the problem,
but it has the unpleasing effect of deselecting the clicked item if it
was previously selected.
I've been referred to this bug
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70479 and invited to handle
the issue through widget customization, but what I want is a quick
fix, don't have the time to fiddle with the widget customization
process. I was thinking about saving the selection inside the
"selection_changed" callback and restore that old selection when the
"drag_get" callback is called if needed... Anyone has some better
I'm not using the built-in treeview dnd interface, will using that
solve my issues, or is it only intended to be used for sorting?
Sorry if I made stupid or already asked questions, I did some search
but couldn't find the answer I'm looking for.
Thanks for the attention,

Luca Vezzaro

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