Re: Glib::ustring

On Wed, 5 Mar 2008 21:06:45 -0600
"Jorge Luis Vidales Valladares" <jorgevidales gmail com> wrote:

>       char* szMessage;
> 	szMessage= m_Entry1.get_text();   ///here is the error "cannot
> convert `Glib::ustring' to `char' in assignment"..

Indeed. Because the get_text() method returns a Glib::ustring, which is
absolutely not just a char*. You need to look up the documentation on
ustring - it has a method for extracting a char* from it. I think it's
called c_str() but I may be getting confused with std::string or
Borland's VCL AnsiString and I don't have a web browser on this box to
check the GTKmm docs.

Incidentally, it works the other way, passing a char* when a
Glib::ustring is wanted, because Glib::ustring provides a constructor
that takes a char* argument. The compiler knows that:

   MethodThatTakesUString ( "hello" );

is a short-hand for:

   MethodThatTakesUString ( Glib::ustring("hello") );

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