Re: Glib::KeyFile bug?

Murray Cumming wrote:
Unfortunately, the fact that it throws exceptions is not currently
mentioned in the API reference documentation. I will fix that. Sorry.
So it is a bug, in the documentation :-)

I created a small example to show that it works:
Thank you very much for your effort there.  That is just what I needed.
I just tried your new example and it worked.  I noticed in your example
you wrote the comment

  "* examples/keyfile/ Added a little KeyFile example. I am
   surprised that we do not seem to have one somewhere already.
   I need to move all these glibmm examples into gtkmm-documentation some

Before someone pointed me to KeyFile, I was looking at the GMarkup
parser at
but could not find any example for using it.  Is there an example for that
or is that another "surprise"? :-)

Thanks again for your KeyFile example.  That is just what I needed.

Damon Register

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