Re: Wrapping GChecksum?

José Alburquerque wrote:
Naveen Verma wrote:

Earlier I have installed glibmm using apt-get utility. I found it installs all these modules in /usr/lib/glibmm-2.4/proc/pm, while in the error message the search path is /usr/local/lib/glibmm-2.4/proc/pm. I think this is one reason.

But this means we need to install glibmm before compiling the glibmm sources.

should we set the reference path of these modules during compilation of glibmm sources, because these modules are always in the source?


Hi. Last night I was looking into submitting some possible changes to glibmm (not sure if they may be useful), and I ran into the same sort of problem. I had gmmproc already installed from my distribution in /usr/lib/glibmm-2.4 and compiling glibmm reported the missing module as you reported in your first post. You might temporarily compile by soft linking /usr/lib/glibmm-2.4 to /usr/local/lib/ like so "ln -s /usr/lib/glibmm-2.4 /usr/local/lib". You should be able to compile after.

BTW, don't forget to remove the link (rm -i /usr/local/lib/glibmm-2.4) after compilation and don't "make install" or anything like that until after you've removed the link.


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