Re: RecentFilter issue

On Thu, 2008-04-17 at 10:37 +0200, Guillaume Brocker wrote:
> Hi !
> I'm using RecentManager and RecentChooserMenu classes. Everything works 
> but the chooser also shows items posted by other applications. To 
> restrict recent items only to those posted by my application, I added a 
> RencentFilter to the RecentChooserMenu, but now the chooser is empty.

Is your application registered as capable of opening the file type? I'm
not sure how you would do that on Windows though.

What version of GTK+ are you using? There is a bug (recently fixed in svn) with RecentFiles in GTK+ 2.12.

> I'm using gtkmm 2.10, on windows. A sample of my code is provided in the 
> attachment.

> recentFilter->add_application( Glib::get_application_name() );

murrayc murrayc com

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