Re: goocanvasmm status

On 2/24/07, Jonathon Jongsma <jonathon jongsma gmail com> wrote:
On 2/24/07, Paul Davis <paul linuxaudiosystems com> wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-02-24 at 08:21 -0600, Paul Davis wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> > I was the one that started that project.  I happened to have a bit of
> > misfortune and ended up starting it just before some major api changes
> > in goocanvas. Since then my priorities have changed a bit and I'm not
> > working on any projects that I would want to use goocanvasmm for.
> >
> > If anyone wants to take over as the maintainer for it, let me know and
> > I'll be glad to transfer ownership or whatever is required.  I'd quite
> > like it in the future, but at the moment I just haven't got time to
> > work on it.
> i've been talking with damon chapin over on the cairo list. it is very
> likely that Ardour will adopt goocanvas as our new canvas after we
> release 2.0. if that happens, then i will be happy to take over the
> maintainer role for the *mm wrappers, and thus add to the world's
> confusion over our identity:
> "Wait, I thought Paul Davis was the maintainer"
> "No, not any more"
> "Well who is"
> "The other Paul Davis"
> this won't happen for another couple of months at least, though.

ha, that's pretty good.

In any case, it turns out that I already have commit access to
libgoocanvasmm, even though I've never used it in the past.  I fixed
one tiny bug just now, and I'm attaching a larger patch that wraps the
GooCanvas object as Goocanvas::Canvas and makes changes to the simple
example to make it match the simple example shipped with goocanvas and
so that it will compile.  So I now have the simple example working in
my working copy.
It also fixes a minor API change for Goocanvas::Item that was made in
goocanvas on Feb 13 (2 days after murray updated to the new API
apparently).  I just updated the .defs file by hand, because I'm still
pretty clueless when it comes to this gmmproc .defs stuff.

Anybody object to me pushing this out?

Also, does anybody object to me getting rid of the patched copy of
goocanvas in the goocanvasmm repository and re-arranging things a bit
so that what's now in trunk/libgoocanvasmm is just in trunk/?  It
doesn't appear that the patched version of goocanvas is necessary
anymore (I didn't use it when doing these changes).

Also, just to make this clear, I'm not volunteering for maintainership
of this library, i'm still just playing around -- I don't know whether
I'll end up using it or not :)


Yeah, that patched version needs to get trashed. I had it around for
some reason I can't fathom at the moment and its causing a bit of
confusion being there.


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