Re: GNOME in Linux

Hello there,

if you are not using Gnome, you don´t have to install it.
With the support of Gtkmm you can run it on any GUI wich
has a running support for Gtkmm, wich should aviable if you
prog compiles probertly.

I use Gtkmm for both Gnome and KDE on my machine, for example.

If you already knew this and just want to test your program in
Gnome edit the file "~/.dmrc" and edit "Session" to "gnome".
Then simply start Gnome with the command "startx", then
you can start a shell like every other GUI.

So if I´m wrong, or wrong with the interpretation of your message
please correct me. ;-)
Of course anyone else can correct me too. *g*

Best regards


Am Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2007 17:45 schrieb Jamiil Abduqadir:
> This question is not about programming, but in order to test my program in
> Linux I need to install GNOME, so... I am seeking shelter, from all the
> fertilizer that will be thrown at for posting non-programming questions
> here, in the precept that GNOME is the test bench of my GTKmm program, thus
> the following question.
> I have just  recently installed Linux Debian, next I 'apt-get install
> gnome', now I would like to start GNOME GUI Shell, but don't know how. Could
> you please help me?
> Thanks in advance.
> Again sorry for the non-programming question.

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