RE: Drawing a simple box around a label?

I've tried packing them inside of a frame; however the frame is not
"tight" enough of a border for the label.  There is quite a bit of space
between the frame border and the label itself.  Also, to get the border
drawn in a box, you must give the frame a "title".  You can give it a
title of "", but there is a little "blip" that makes the frame look a
bit silly.


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On Tue, 11 Dec 2007, Aaron Geier <ageier catalystmicro com> wrote :
>Is there a simple way to draw a box around a label?  I have a few
>that I wish to draw a box/border around, and I am unable to find a
>simple way to do this.  Thought I'd throw this question out there to
>if anyone had a trick up their sleeve.
Have you tried packing them inside a frame? You can set the frame's 
appearance to one of several styles.
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