Re: Applications compiled w/ VC++ 2005 failing


With which version of Gtkmm did this become the case? I've used stock VS
C++ Express with Gtkmm 2.10.6-ish (and also 2.8) and not had a problem.
I'll add this to the tutorial.



> You should apply Service Pack 1 to Visual Studio - C++ Express 2005
> Cedric
> On 4/11/07, Rob Crowther <weilawei gmail com> wrote:
>> Well, per the instructions on the gtkmm website, I grabbed the
>> installers, everything went fine. I put together a little Hello World,
>> following the instructions. I compiled it. Wonderful. Except.. when I
>> go to run it, it fails to initialize. The debugger spits out a tasty
>> message along the lines of
>> failed to probe gtkmm-2.4d.dll for its manifest, ntstatus 0xc0150002
>> The only other message referencing this on the list.. was trying to do
>> a debug build with the release dll. I'm using the debug dll with the
>> debug build. So, everything should be fine? Right? No. What's going
>> on?
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