Re: ScrolledWindow::remove() problem

Cedric Gustin <cedric.gustin <at>> writes:

> Hi Sebastian,
> What about calling show_all_children() after you have added the widget
> to the scrollwindow (instead of in the layout constructor where the
> layout hasn't been fully initialized yet) ?

Hi, Cedric. Yeah, I noticed that after posting to the group; I wrote this in a
hurry. Well, showing the label was not the point of the example, so I figured it
didn't really matter, so I didn't post back for that.

> Works fine on my winxp box with gtkmm 2.8.
> Cedric

So, using derived widgets does NOT crash the app in your system? I'm able to
consistently produce crashes using derived classes and adding/removing them to
ScrolledWindows (and, now, other containers such as HPaned). Have you clicked
the button twice? Did you use the derived class?
I'll switch to a different toolchain just to see if there is any change, but I'm
quite sure the one I'm using right now is perfectly stable. In fact, I've worked
around this for the time being using a Gtk::Notebook instead of a
ScrolledWindow. That works fine, no crashes at all.
I'll post back with the results after switching to a different toolchain.

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