Re: gconfmm-2.14.1

> Murray,

Thanks, but do please use gtkmm-list or bugzilla in future.

> There is a minor bug in gconfmm-2.14.1/examples/client/, see
> attached patch.
> With this patch, gconfmm-2.14.1:
>         * builds within GARNOME-2.14.x

Thanks. Sorry for that. I'll fix that soon. There's nothing useful in the
new release when doing a normal build anyway, so don't worry about it too

>         * does not [yet] build within GARNOME-2.15.x

What exactly is the error?

> Question:
>         Are other version bumps required to build gconfmm-2.14.1 within
>         2.15.x?

No, GConf and gconfmm are API and ABI compatible.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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