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You cut it right to the point.  gnumeric and GtkExtra are not comparable.
gnumeric is an eye candy, whereas GtkExtra is for efficiency zealots:  it's
very minimalistic (requires only GTK+ to be installed) and good for real-time
plotting (which is what I myself am using it for).  I would highly recommend
using the recent CVS version of it, as the official one has memory management

There is also the (seriously lacking last time I checked) gtkmm-based and
qwt-inspired plotmm -- authored by one
of qwt developers who got displeased by the direction qwt has taken and,
in particular, by all these dependencies around it.

Finally, there is the GTK+-based GtkDatabox -- .

Apologies for being a bit off topic.  Since the plotting issue was brought up, I just
wanted to share my findings.

Best regards,


On 4/18/06, Jonathon Jongsma < jonathon jongsma gmail com> wrote:
It looks like the plotting is done with the goffice library.  However,
it looks like this library includes considerably more than just the
plotting / graphing functionality, so it may be a bit  more work than
just wrapping a graphing library.  This also makes it less attractive
for people who don't want to add all of the dependencies of
gnome-office to their app dependencies.  Of course, I haven't looked
at it extensively...

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