RE: TreeView made with a directory list

> Using boost libraries is actually quite simple. You link the 
> libraries 
> to your project like you would any other (large parts of boost don't 
> even have to be linked because they are based around 
> templates which are 
> defined in header files, but boost::filesystem comes in a 
> separate lib). 
> Consult the Anjuta documentation how to link libraries; most probably 
> you do that in your project settings.

You can look at Wallpaper Tray 0.5.0, I set up the Automake project there to
use boost::filesystem using murrays autotools tutorial, I followed the bit
about libs with no pkg config file and no script etc, the user will just be
asked for the path to the .so/ to link in. wasn't too painful.

Look at these files in wallpaper tray, compare them with similar ones in
your own source tree, and using Murrays tutorial you should be able to piece
it together.

That said, maybe there is just a check box in Anjuta :/


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