Re: colormap assertion errors

Rob Benton wrote:

Hey I've been working with the drawarea widgets lately and I've run into
a strange problem.  I don't know if I've found a bug or if something is
missing from my code.

Basically what I have is a window with an eventbox which holds a
drawarea widget.  When clicked it pops up a dialog with another drawarea
widget.  If I open this dialog 10 times or more, when I close the main
window I get lots of GDK_IS_COLORMAP assertion errors.

If I need to I can post my code but I didn't know if this was a known
issue or not.
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i don't know if that helps, but i've had similar problems; allthough i've no clue about the gdk internals it seems to me that it is normally better not to allocate your GC colors directly but to use GC::set_rgb_fg_color(...) and so on, which accepts unallocated colors. besides, i experinced that gtkmm progs often cause the stangest segfaults or assertion errors because of lousy makefiles - just rebuilding a well choosen set of object files, or even your entire project can often save you some time.

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