Re: colormap assertion errors

>so maybe you know what the ncolors argument in
>void Gdk::Colormap::free_colors(Color&        colors,    int      ncolors)

>is for ? i asked this some time ago, and murray told me i should file a 
>bug, which i did ...
>ps: in gtkmm-2.2 this function looks different: void free_colors 
>(GdkColor* colors, int ncolors) which seems to
>      make more sense ....


I don't have a bugzilla account and I don't really want to have one right now,
so I'm posting it here instead of as a comment on bugzilla. Still I am writing
this referring to your bug there.

Actually, I think, that ncolors makes sense, but Color& makes none.

I would guess, that the method signature of free_colors should be analog to
alloc_colors and therefore read like this:

void Gdk::Colormap::free_colors(ArrayHandle_Color& colors, int ncolors);

This would also correspond to the semantics of the GDK functions gdk_colormap_alloc_colors
and gdk_colormap_free_colors.

Best regards,


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