Re: [gtkmm] gettext into widgets , no translation ...

Are you telling us that some of your messages get translated but not all? This leads me to believe that there has been some kind of problem with the geration of the translation files. Does your Makefile processes the po directory?

Also you might want to post a smallest possible example (with pretty much everything in your projects stripped off, this itself will probablt help you solve the problem by yourself...:-)) to a web site somewhere and someone on this mailinglist maybe will take a look at your code.

Daniel Sundberg

cedric wrote:

I included gettext.h instead of my proper code but it didn't resolve the problem.
Also the gettext_noop function is not appropriate for me :
append_column(  gettext("Functionnalities") , modelColumns.m_col_str);
it would work, there's no reason.

Clemens Auer a écrit :

Have you ever tryed to use the "convinient header" provided with
libintl? they use some more #define lines to do that.. maybe they have a
reason for that ..

#include "gettext.h" //copy from /usr/share/gettext.h"
//instead of
#define gettext(msgtxt) _(msgtxt)

On Thu, 2004-07-29 at 09:37 +0200, cedric wrote:
Thanks, i tried that but it doesn't work :o(

curiously , it works well into labels :
login_l.set_text(_("Welcome to EasyGest. Please ...")); but doesn't work if it is a column name or a menu name , for example.

I don't understand why.

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