Re: [gtkmm] gettext into widgets , no translation ...

I included gettext.h instead of my proper code but it didn't resolve the problem.
Also the gettext_noop function is not appropriate for me :
append_column(  gettext("Functionnalities") , modelColumns.m_col_str);
it would work, there's no reason.

Clemens Auer a écrit :

Have you ever tryed to use the "convinient header" provided with
libintl? they use some more #define lines to do that.. maybe they have a
reason for that ..

#include "gettext.h" //copy from /usr/share/gettext.h"
//instead of
#define gettext(msgtxt) _(msgtxt)

On Thu, 2004-07-29 at 09:37 +0200, cedric wrote:
Thanks, i tried that but it doesn't work :o(

curiously , it works well into labels :
login_l.set_text(_("Welcome to EasyGest. Please ...")); but doesn't work if it is a column name or a menu name , for example.

I don't understand why.

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