Re: [gtkmm] precompiled headers [revisited]

Cumming External comneon com wrote:
but I still think it'd be rather interesting to have a build target for gtkmm.h.pch in the standard gtkmm makefile.

Probably, yes. A patch would be welcome.

After further investigation it turns out that this is not a very good idea. In order for precompiled headers to work, the including compiler need to be the exact same version, have the same configuration and in some cases even have the same compiler options as the compiler used to build the precompiled header file.

This means that it's preferred to let the applications build their own private precompiled gtkmm.h tailored to the specific compiler environment used by the application.

An example showing how an application would do that would be easy to cook up, though.

One small problem; the existing gtkmm examples are an integrated part of the gtkmm build. To be useful, I think such an example should have its own independent build environment (i.e. have its own, etc.). OTOH, I think this will be very useful in other respects as well. Perhaps we should provide a generic "build" example that shows how to properly set up the GNU autotools, etc. in addition to showing how to use a precompiled gtkmm.h?

Christer Palm

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