[gtkmm] gettext into widgets , no translation ...

Hello all !
I need some help with gettext ...

I've put the librairies to use gettext and the macro definitions to use the _ instead of typiing gettext all the time.
In my GUI, sometimes the translation is made but sometimes no.

#include <libintl.h>
#define _(String) gettext (String)

For example in my treeview : "Functionnalities" is not replaced by its french translation when running the program.

//Add the TreeView's view columns:
 append_column(_("Functionnalities"), modelColumns.m_col_str);

Same in my menubar :
items().push_back( Gtk::Menu_Helpers::MenuElem(_("_File"), m_Menu_File) );

And into the po file :
#: functree.cc:20
msgid "Functionnalities"
msgstr "Fonctions"



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