Re: [gtkmm] drawing pixels -- Gtk::DrawingArea

"John M. Gabriele" <jandl bestweb net> writes:

> Barnaby Gray wrote:
>  > The -z3 option is your friend, eq:
>  > cvs -z3 co gtkmm2
>  >
>  > Barnaby
>  >
> Yup. The instructions on
> say to use the -z3 option. :)

You can put it in .cvsrc:

  ole:~$ cat ~/.cvsrc
  cvs -z3
  diff -u

> Finally, according to the instructions here
> for creating a patch file, does "edit the change log" mean
> edit the line at the very top of the file, or is there some
> changelog file somewhere?

There is a ChangeLog file. The easiest way to find it is to open the
file with Emacs and hit 'C-x 4 a'. Then Emacs will find the file and
add a correctly formatted entry to the log. You just need to fill in
the message. :-)

If you don't know Emacs, it is

  emacs somefile

and then

  Ctrl x, then 4, then a

It's always a pleasure to help people help,

Ole Laursen

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