Re: [gtkmm] drawing pixels -- Gtk::DrawingArea

Ole Laursen wrote:
"John M. Gabriele" <jandl bestweb net> writes:
C. how I go about submitting a change (explicit instructions please).

I don't know about the first two, but for C, file a bug on and attach a patch:

That way Murray or someone else will get around to it eventually.

How do I use anonymous cvs to just get chapter 14 of the gtkmm book
(or even just that one page/html-file for the "drawing lines" example?

I see that there are some instructions on
but it looks like they get you the entire gtkmm2 tree (it doesn't mention
the gtkmm2 book). Also, I'm on dialup and getting the whole enchilada
would likely be a very long download.


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