Re: [gtkmm] porting projects from gtkmm-1.2 to gtkmm2


* Vishal Modak <whizvish80 rediffmail com> [2003-01-13 17:10:35]:
> if we change to gtkmm2..would we have to write to the whole code again
> which is not viable option..

I don't feel that it's such a hard problem to port an application to
gtkmm 2. You can start by reading the PORTING document which describes
most problems you'll experience:

There are parts of your code that it's likely you'll have to rewrite,
e.g. code using Gtk::Text, Gtk::CList and Gtk::CTree will be have to
rewritten almost from scratch.

But really, I wouldn't worry much. Of course its going to take its time
to port the application, but consider all the advantages that your
users/customers will get by using a GTK+ 2 application instead, not to
mention the new wonderful APIs of gtkmm2 you as a developer get.

> If there is any way by which existing code can be converted to
> would be really helpfull..?

Not likely, that would require AI in many situations.

> I welcome any suggestions from your part..

Ask on the mailing list if you are stuck with something :-)

  - Morten.

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