Re: [gtkmm] 2.2.0 soon and 2.4 plans

On Thursday 02 January 2003 2:00 pm, Murray Cumming wrote:

> If libsigc++ 2.0 is ready and suitable then we will use it. libsigc++
> seems to be becoming more like the boost signals stuff, but boost is
> just a testing library that can not be a dependency, so we couldn't use
> its stuff until it becomes part of the real C++ standard library.

Lots of people use boost, particularly the smart pointers.

If it is useful, package it (most boost stuff is in a BSD-type licence).  I am 
not suggesting you should, but saying it couldn't be used until it is in the 
standard is very limp.  I hope slot/signal systems never get in the standard, 
and I would be surprised if they do.


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